Toronto Washing: Keeping a Car Clean Protects its Value

Winter is mostly likely to wreak havoc on a vehicle's fine finish. Keeping the car clean is the best way to combat the effects of icy weather, road salt and gravel, and general muck to preserve a vehicle's value. During the summer, a Saturday morning car wash may work, but in the cold of winter, your only option (especially once you've drained your outside taps and hoses for the winter, to protect from fost damage) is the car wash.

The International Carwash Association (of course) recommends, "Keeping your vehicle clean by frequenting a professional car wash every ten days".

In addition, they suggest these tip to maintain a vehicle's finish during the winter months:

Here are some year-round exterior care suggestions:

You should also clean out your trunk. This reduces clutter, increases trunk space, keeps your spare tire more accessible, and reduces the total weight of your car, improving gas mileage.

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