Toronto Transportation & Cars: BMW leads With New Active Hybrids

NC)-BMW is leading the way into the green vehicle future-- and two cutting edge new fuel-saving technologies are on showroom floors now. Hydrogen and plug-in electric models are under development for potential future production, but the German automaker is offering shoppers a choice between Advanced Diesel and Active Hybrid models today.

Choosing the right technology for one's lifestyle is largely a function of consumer locale and driving habits.

For instance, Active Hybrid technology allows for gas-engine shutdown while the vehicle is stopped--reducing wasteful idle emissions and fuel consumption. Active Hybrid technology can also enable low-speed, electric-only driving that uses no fuel at all. For these reasons, urban drivers frequently dealing with stop and go traffic stand to benefit most from an Active Hybrid.

BMW Active Hybrid X6 Conversely, an Advanced Diesel engine is all about range. Diesel vehicles go farther that gasoline engines burning the same amount of fuel, and they also boast confident, punchy power for passing and merging on the highway. If you frequently travel long distances at higher speeds, a BMW Advanced Diesel may be your best choice. In fact, BMW Advanced Diesel drivers can expect to cut their fuel consumption and C02 emissions by some 30 percent.

Of course, each of BMW's alternative engine technologies has unique characteristics that consumers relate to on their own terms. Advanced Diesel 3 Series Sedans and X5 SUVs and Active Hybrid X6 SUVs are available in BMW showrooms now-- and a 7 Series Hybrid is coming soon.

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