Toronto Performance Venue: Tarragon Theatre

Tarragon Theatre
416-531-1827 Box Office, 416-536-5018 Office
30 Bridgman Avenue, Toronto, ON M5R 1X3
(north-east of Dupont/ Bathurst)

The Tarragon Theatre, founded in 1970 as a theatre to encourage playwrights to develop and produce new works, has two theatres: the air-conditioned Mainspace which seats 205, and the Extra Space which seats 100. Over 150 works have premiered at Tarragon.

There are 3 rehearsal spaces (the Studios), the 1,140 sq. ft Rehearsal Hall, The 936 sq. ft. Near Studio, and The 810 sq. ft Far Studio.

For Rental information or call Julien Valmary, Administrator at 416-536-5018 ext. 225

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