Toronto Performance Venue: Oakwood's Theatre

Oakwood's Theatre
341 Oakwood Ave.
Toronto, Ontario
M6E 2W1
Run by Toronto Public Library

Theatre Space Features:
Chairs Available on Site: 120
Theatre Space Seating Capacity: approximately 120 chairs

Parking: City Green P Parking lot - .50 per hr. and $3 maximum from 9pm-9am

Approximate Measurements of Theatre Space:
Stage : 19.25 ft. by 36.04 ft. wide
Room (seating floor): 31.04 ft. deep by 36.04 ft. wide
Total: 59.29 ft. deep/long by 36.04 ft. wide

Rental Information:
For rental rates and information, please call the Room Booking Unit at 416-397-5969.

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