Toronto Performance Venues: Canon Theatre

Canon Theatre, on Yonge Street Canon Theatre
244 Victoria Street, Toronto, ON M5B 1V8

The Canon Theatre began its life in 1920 as a combination vaudeville and motion picture theatre in the Pantages theatre circuit. With its original 3373 seats, it was the largest cinema in Canada and, with its lavish interior - designed by the great theatre architect Thomas Lamb - the most elegant. In 1973, the Imperial was chopped up into six separate cinemas to become "The Imperial 6", one of the first "multiplex" motion picture theatres in Canada, first part of Famous Players, then acquired by Cineplex Odeon in a bitter legal battle, which ended up in the building reverting to a single hall performance theatre which was operated by LiveEnt, and is now run by Live Nation, a division of Clear Channel.

With a generous pledge from Canon Canada, the theatre has been renamed to The Canon Theatre.

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