Toronto Performance Venue: Air Canada Centre

Air Canada Centre Entrance Air Canada Centre
416-815-5500 Fax: 416-359-9332
40 Bay Street, Suite 400, Toronto, Ontario M5J 2X2
Owner: Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment Ltd. (MLSEL)

Air Canada Centre is a 665,000 square foot sports and entertainment complex built on the site of the original Canada Post Delivery Building and itegrates the historic east and south walls. The steel roof's flat profile gives it the appearance of an airplane hanger, while enhancing internal acoustics. A 140,000 square foot office tower the corporate offices of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment Ltd., Air Canada, and the Toronto office for the National Hockey League.

Air Canada Centre Air Canada Centre features 1020 Club Seats, 40 Platinum Lounges, 65 Executive Suites, 32 Theatre Suites, 16 Loge Suites (on 2nd and 3rd level loges). In basketball mode, the distance from an upper deck seat to the sideline is 165ft (50.29m), and distance from the last seat 3rd balcony to baseline is 167ft (50.90m).

There are sport seating variations for ice hockey, basketball, and lacrosse. Concert variations include Concert seating Modes at the Air Canada Centre inlcude 360 degree stage, 270 degree stage, theatre mode, and concert bowl. Capacity for Basketball is 19,800 seats, Hockey 18,800 seats, Full house concerts 19,800 seats, and Theatre seating 5,200 people.

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