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Transportation: Distance Calculator

You can calculate straight-line distances between any two points on the planet. (Click here for Canadian road-miles between major cities, courtesy of
NEW! We've added over 500 cities around the world!

Various query formats are allowed; for example:
New York, NY
44:36:06N 79:25:04E (Orillia)
Frankfurt, Germany

(Toronto (City Hall) - you can change this)


(enter destination name)

or .
Calculator courtesy of

Here are latitudes and Logintudes of communities along the lakeshore:

Missisauga: 43:35:19N 79:38:40W
Pearson International: 43:40:50N 79:36:43W
Orangeville: 43:55:13N 80:05:39W

Burlington: 43:19:33N 79:47:56W
Oakville: 43:28:03N 79:41:16W
Milton: 43:30:37N 79:53:01W

Other Credits: This service uses the University of Michigan Geographic Name Server and a supplementary database of world cities to find the latitude and longitude of two places, and then calculates the distance between them (as the crow flies).

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